Powerflushing will not remedy the design or mechanical faults in a heating system, which should be rectified, but in many cases it will cure the problems caused by these.

We use a top of the range power flushing machine with an inbuilt thermal unit, a twin pass magnaclean and a Kamco Combimag filter.

Norstrom Power flushing machine

Magnaclean power flushing filter

Kamco Combimag












It has taken the majority of installers many years to realise the benefits and full potential that powerflushing can bring to old, dirty heating systems. The procedure, if carried out professionally, is extremely effective. Powerflushing is without any doubt BEST PRACTICE when cleaning up old systems. Unlike other flushing methods, powerflushing has the ability to restore circulation most cases, improve system efficiency and to restore sanity to frustrated homeowners who, in many cases, have put up with their poorly performing heating system for years!

A powerflush will remove on average over 3Kg of sludge and other deposits from an old heating system. Where the system has had an incorrectly arranged cold feed and vent pipe, or where no inhibitor has ever been added, anything up to 7Kg of dirt may be removed.

Why do I need a Power Flush?

The problem – black metal oxide sludge (rust) the build up of this sludge in your central heating system over a period of time is inevitable, especially if the system water is left untreated of any chemicals such as a inhibitor.

When the sludge in a heating system starts to build up typical problems are:

Radiators cold at the bottom

Radiators cold at the top and need frequent bleeding

No heat distribution to the radiators or very poor

Boiler cutting out

Noise from boiler

Poor or no hot water

High Fuel Bills

Boiler failure

By far the greatest risk to a untreated system is boiler failure – an expensive and disruptive occurrence. A improperly or unprotected system with a build up of sludge may suffer boiler noise (thumping, drumming and knocking) due to excessive or sludge build up. Eventually the insulating effects of sludge will restrict the heat exchanger (the engine of a boiler) to the point where it overheats and fractures.

Sludge will seriously effect the efficiency of a system which will lead to higher fuel bills and premature failure of a boiler and other heating components such as valves and pumps.

Powerflushing starts from £300. Prices vary dependant on system.